Friday, February 26, 2010

How To Wear The Right Sexy Underwear

If your planning on being seriously sexy and seductive, a matching set of bra and knickers is called for. If you want to go the whole hog, get a suspender belt too.

It is a myth that only women of the night wear co-ordinating and matching sexy underwear. We at have a superb range for you to choose from along with a superb range of stockings which gives that final touch to the set. Wear nudes in chiffon shears, white for invisible and blendable cover. A G string is there to hide panty lines and avoid VPL ( Visible Panty Line ), therefore it must remain concealed. When wearing with jeans if you do not like the look of it showing, tuck it lower, or purchase the hipster variety.

A sexy set of boxers or boy shorts are good on Sundays, comfort days and for travelling. Briefs are ideal with low slung jeans, slips and trousers and on serious days spice things up with thongs, which are also the best option for frivolous floaty dresses and invisible undie days.

Remember there is no such thing as lucky knickers. You do not need to have one pair in fast rotation- remember it was your personality, not your sexy knickers that pulled.
Beautiful Lingerie is an investment. The price will be forgotten but the quality will always be remembered. Have as many colours as there are changes in the weather and as many styles as suit you.

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