Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Corset Mania

What comes to your mind when you hear the word corset? Of course it is something that a woman wears in order to look more beautiful, sexually alluring and more attractive physically in the eyes of the crowd. Basically to show a curve on a woman’s body making your waist tiny and your hips bigger. Corsets and bustiers are mostly worn by women in Europe and North America as we have known from the past until now. We often see the evidence on foreign movies like Marie Antoinette, Man on the iron mask etc. And we all notice how useful they are when worn as an under garment before wearing a gown or as a dress itself.

Corsets have been use by many people nowadays. Even women in countries who doesn’t seem to wear them before are now enjoying its advantages. Mostly it is worn when a woman needs to wear a gown to attend a party or any other occasions that requires them to look alluring. Some wear them under a gown or any other outer suit like a body fit blouse, office attire or a casual dress and some wears them paired with a skirt and that’s it. Mostly you often see them worn by ballet dancers and a bride on her wedding day. Some are worn by celebrities, singers, actresses etc. Madonna was one of the many people who wear corsets. She use to wear body fit dress and we all know that her waist is one of her assets and with the help of corsets it was more emphasized.

Corsets have pretty few styles, designs as well as decorations. Some are decorated with precious glittery stuff like diamonds. Some have different styles and colors that will fit your taste. You can find it ready to wear in stores and you can also have it as made to order. So do you want to look sexier? then corsets will be your best buddy.

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