Sunday, January 10, 2010

History of underwear

From ancient times when humans wore loincloths, the original undergarment, to modern times that see lingerie and intimate apparel as leading retail industries, underwear has been a major part of human existence. For a long time, though, it was an unmentionable part. Underwear was something everyone wore but no one talked about • In recent times, all of that has changed! In 1982, Calvin Klein erected a giant billboard in New York's Times Square depicting a muscular man wearing just a pair of white briefs. His advertising sparked a revolution. In the mid-80's, Madonna took to the stage in nothing but lace bustiers and pointy metal bras worn as outerwear. In the nineties, rap stars wore their pants slung low, revealing the waistbands of their boxers. The magic of pop culture is that it has the power to greatly influence the public. Suddenly, the nation was becoming comfortable talking about and showing their underwear. created the ultimate avenue for celebrating underwear when they came up with the concept of National Underwear Day. Freshpair President, Michael Kleinmann, believes that "underwear should no longer be merely the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, but the most important thing you wear all day." Following that credo, National Underwear Day was created as a time for everyone to feel comfortable mentioning "unmentionables," and celebrating skivvies • In 2003, Freshpair rolled out the inaugural celebration holiday, National Underwear Day. We put our models on the streets of New York in just their underwear and the Freshpair team of underwear ambassadors began collecting signatures to petition for an official day of appreciation for what lies beneath • Each year more and more people have looked forward to National Underwear Day - it's grown both in popularity and size. That first year we started with just a great idea and a slew of models. Each member of the Freshpair team took polls on underwear preference and wished New Yorkers a happy Underwear Day, having no idea the magnitude of what National Underwear Day would grow into. The event would eventually grow from its initial size into a massive fashion and media event.

Last year our underwear ambassadors marched through Times Square, the most heavily-trafficked locale in New York City, modeling some of today's hottest brands for unsuspecting -- yet pleasantly surprised -- shoppers, tourists and die-hard New Yorkers who thought they had 'seen it all.' More than just eye candy, our models conducted various surveys to reveal Americans' real underwear preferences. Once again, they asked people to sign a petition urging official recognition of this underwear-honoring day. The public responded with resounding praise. It has become evident that this nation, if not the world, is ready to embrace their love for underwear • With momentum building since 2003, Freshpair gears up for the next National Underwear Day this August. Our models will be in top underwear brands in the middle of Times Square, enjoying the day in their skivvies.

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