Friday, January 15, 2010

David Beckham

"MILAN, - AC Milan's 3-0 victory over Juventus last night, leaving their own entertainment for Juventus fans, especially the women.

David Beckham is in second appearance with Milan with a loan status, make a little excitement in the field. Not because of the action with the ball, but because he has showed his underwear by changing pants on the field. Cash only his excited action makes the audience she had 'entertainment' of its own.

Although these players was 34 years old, but not the least to lose its charm. With the athletic posture and the look of a lot to make a hysterical woman, what woman would not be amazed to see her appearance. Evidenced by the 'individual action', the husband of Victoria Adams was a hysterical audience of mostly women fans 'Bianconerri'

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