Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kim Kardashian Full Tape Home Video Pictures

Kim Kardashian is become superstar and be famous after her tape video download with Ray j are spreading over internet.

Kim Kardashian's breast are fake, made bigger with implants plastic surgery. Kim Kardashian bra size now is 32-DD. She has a huge tits.
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Kim Kardashian and cellulite

Now let's face it: With a butt as big as Kim Kardashian's, there's no way you're not going to have some cellulite on it. I'm certain if Kim squeezed her butt cheeks, she would be super dimply in that area. She's still beautiful, but despite her sex tape with Ray-J (which had wonderful lighting), she is chock full of cellulite, just like the rest of us. Enjoy the rest of your day.

"So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't!?" the reality star, 28, writes on her blog in response to a brouhaha in which a photo of her for Complex magazine was accidentally released on the Internet before editors realized their mistake and quickly replaced it with the official photo of her.

The official picture had been retouched to slim down her famously zaftig figure.

Kim Kardashian Measurement :

Kim Kardashian Vital size is 35-26-40. My dress size is a 4 or a 2/4. She wears a size 4 skirt and size 27 jeans.

Kim Kardashian in lingerie in Ralph magazine

Here we talk about Kim Kardashian's sexy lingerie photoshoot in Ralph magazine. Kim is definately showing off her cleavage here... Thank you Ralph magazine is a website that covers the latest in all of the hot female celebrity news. We have the links to all the best pictures and stories of the day.

Kim Kardashian in sexy bra Photos :

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Watch Kim Kardashian in Lingerie in Ralph magazine video here

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