Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Courtworth expensive lingerie from Paris

COURTWORTH PARIS is a fashion house that specialised in lingerie of the highest quality. It is inspired directly by the forefather of fashion; the pioneer of haute couture.

Courtworth has been one of favorite brands of luxe French lingerie. It is undoubtedly nice, very nice. But maybe a little bit too expensive. When you pay almost $400 for a bra, it’s got to give you a little more then a feel or exclusiveness and great quality. In the world of cars, for example, the more you pay for a car the more heads it will turn, especially if you buy an exotic such as Lamborghini or Ferrari. Now being the “exotic” of the lingerie market, Courtworth looks a little bit too modest for the amount of money it costs. I’m not saying it needs to be more flashy. But I’ve reviewed a few brands of less expensive lingerie that’s got better looks. Scroll down a couple posts below and you’ll see.

Here’s a couple picks you can see at Catriona MacKechnie’s on-line store:

Courtworth LingerieCourtworth Lingerie

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